Tuesday, June 28, 2005

jam JAM jam

this is a jumpstart post! I can't beleive we've gone a month with nothing new. So, I thought I would ask you guys about my newest obsession - you may have guessed it from the title - jam. We went out on a walk to a Glacier Rock in Yamhill county this weekend and saw (in addition to the glacier rock) a bunch of blackberry blossoms, which got me thinking about the blackberries that will inevitably follow, which made me think of JAM. And how I would like to make some, and maybe try some groovy combinations and flavors - like adding ginger or something. Does anyone have any experience making jam? Do we want to maybe get together and try it some weekend this summer? If it turns out tasty, it would make excellent christmas gifts. I'm not feeling tied down to just blackberry either, but I thought it might be an inexpensive way to start. Anyway, if anyone has any jam/jelly thoughts I would love to hear them.